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ISEG becomes EFMD- European Foundation for Management Development member


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EFMD- European Foundation for Management Development

We are delighted to inform that ISEG became a EFMD Full Member on 23rd November 2009, by the EFMD Membership Review Committee Members.

Being part of a leading international network in the field of management development like EFMD, we will contribute positively to the global network of this institution both by sharing information and best practices with other members and by caring out new initiatives in education and research with presentations and papers in EFMD Conferences and Seminars.

We believe that the success of EFMD is linked to the tremendous contribution and involvement of all the members, we expect to be an active one and make part of the important forum of discussion with other members, to share and benchmark experiences, to become more and more a university with global dimension, more attractive to international students and international staff members of excellence.