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FIELD TRIP | ost Graduate Students of Financial Analysis visit New York City

On October 4th, a group of ISEG students and professors flew to New York city in order to experience life in Wall Street, and also to visit the highly reputed Columbia University and New York University's Stern School of Business.

We visited the New York Stock Exchange, spending time on the trading floor and talking to the designated market makers. A unique experience.

We also visited the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with a summary presentation of the bank's objectives and policies, together with a visit to the famous gold vault – we were next to the largest gold reserve in the world (gold from many, many, countries is stored in that place).

To complete our visit to the Financial District we went to Citibank's headquarters and were able to attend a presentation of the bank's strategy, followed by a visit to the trading floors, in which traders of FX and Municipal bonds spent some time with us.

There was also time to walk around in the area and not miss icons such as the Charging Bull and the World Trade Center.

The ISEG group also visited Columbia University where we attended a session on the "Portuguese crisis" and everyone had a chance to participate. We were also taken for a lovely tour of Columbia in a very sunny Friday afternoon.

Our final stop was New York University's Stern School of Business on Columbus Day. We attended an interesting lecture on a variety of topics, including the current crisis and alternatives to its solution. Afterwards there was time to walk around charming Greenwich Village.

The trip was memorable to all who took part in it. The group learnt a lot and also had a lot of fun during the weekend – there was plenty of time for tourism, fun and culture.  Check us out on our photos and video!

We are grateful to the following people who collaborated with us order to make this event possible: Domitília dos Santos (The dos Santos Group, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney), Luís Laginha de Sousa and Isabel Ucha (Euronext Lisbon), Patrícia Agurto (NYSE), João Santos (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Luís Guerreiro (Citi), Ricardo Reis and Miguel Morin (Columbia University), and Luís Cabral (NYU).