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ISEG faculty and researchers publish in Industrial Marketing Management


Sales Baptista

 Cristina Sales Baptista from ISEG's ADVANCE research unit has had the article "Interaction processes in long-term relationships in the metal mining industry: longitudinal case studies of capital equipment buying" accepted for publication in the ISI international journal "Industrial Marketing Management".

This study investigates the development of the relationships between customers and suppliers of capital equipment in the mining industry. The interorganizational relationships were characterized along three sets of variables: context, task characteristics, and interaction processes. Longitudinal case study research was conducted, and four long-term relationships in the Portuguese metal mining industry were investigated. The domesticated nature of the market, compatibility of partners' objectives and strategies, and the choice of a direct channel are significant driving forces for the establishment and development of these relationships. Well-driven interaction processes were found determinant to relationships' development and outcomes. Particularly, the extent of supplier-based adaptations and scope of after-sales agreements are core to relationship development and continuity.