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MBA ISEG students in team building event at the Air Force Academy

Acreditations: AMBA, CEO magazine Tier One

Leadership & team building


As in the past, students from ISEG's MBA participated in an intense training course in leadership and team building this weekend at the Air Force Academy at the Sintra Air Base, Nº 1.

During a weekend full of tests, in a military camp, neither lack of sleep, nor tiredness or the cold managed to demotivate the participating teams, who involved themselves as much as possible in the challenges presented.

This partnership between ISEG and the Air Force Academy is part of the tradition of ISEG's MBA, and has proved to be an important part of the course.

Other activities will take place during the year, as well as this one, designed to strengthen leadership and team management competencies among the MBA students, which include the ISEG Sailing Crew (in conjunction with the Portuguese Navy) and an Onstage Training workshop  (theatre and conducting an orchestra).

Acreditado pela AMBA; Rankings: CEO magazine Tier One