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SOCIAL INNOVATION | Second European Social Innovation Competition

The European Commission has launched the 2nd edition of the Competition for Social Innovation, in memory of Diogo Vasconcellos.


The objective of this project is to stimulate the conception of ideas and innovative solutions in the field of Social Innovation, that are capable of creating new job opportunities.

The competition is open to all those that are residents of, or have a legal right to abode in, a EU member State, or a country that has established an agreement to participate in the  programme for Competition and Social Innovation, including individuals, organisations, or informal groups. The competition aims to harness ideas and proposals from diverse sources, including organisations, not-for-profit organisations and/or private companies.

The participants that present the three most innovative ideas will win prizes totalling
30,000 Euros.



Candidatures have to be submitted by 12.00 hrs on the 11th December, by means of completing an on-line


This information doesn’t substitute that of the official announcement on the
site of this competition.


Further Information

European Commission

DG Enterprise and Industry| Unit B3 Innovation Policy for Growth