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Students from Angola´s Huambo School of Economics visit ISEG Lisbon

At the beginning of January, 30 students from the School of Economics of the José Eduardo dos Santos University of Huambo, Angola, visited  ISEG. These students are studying for Masters in Accounting, Tax and Finance  for Business and Business Sciences at the Huambo University and these degrees receive academic and scientific support from ISEG.

The primary objectives of the visit, which lasted 15 days, were:  to identify potential supervisors for the research study that will shortly be undertaken by these students, to arrange initial meetings with these supervisors and to enable the students to attend a specific course that has been prepared for them on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of data and on the design of research projects, which they will then carry out on return to Huambo.

 The visiting students also had the opportunity to visit Lisbon and participated in a gala dinner organised by academic staff from ISEG.