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Universidade de Lisboa is 2nd in SIR Iber 2014 ranking

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The Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is in 2
nd place in the Ibero-American ranking of the " 

Scimago Institutions Rankings Iber 2014″

 (SIR Iber 2014), which analyses the scientific output of universities between 2008 and 2012.

In 2013, the former UL and UTL were placed respectively in 26
th and 14
th places in this ranking. After the merge of the two universities, ULisboa has become the university with the largest number of published scientific papers in Portugal.

To quote the Dean of ULisboa, Professor António Cruz Serra, the result announced in SIR Iber 2014 is "very positive and very satisfactory, which fills us with pride", and gives hope that the University can maintain this ranking over the next years, as research will continue to be a priority.

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