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Dear Students, Academic Staff, Researchers and Non-Teaching Staff at ISEG, Lisboa School of Economics and Management.

I have just signed the Order whereby I nominate the Electoral Commission, which is attached, that will supervise the elections, which are only going to commence now. It comprises two representatives for the academic staff, one for students and another for non-teaching staff.

I will soon publish the Electoral Rules and Regulations and as from then, the exact dates and steps will be known for the election of the School Board, the Scientific Board and the Pedagogic Board.

This process has been delayed on account of the revision and approval of the statutes of the new Universidade de Lisboa.

I take this opportunity to also attach the new statutes of both ISEG and the Universidade de Lisboa

I urge you all to vote, in order that those elected can represent the will and vision of the majority of those who participate in the life of the School.


ISEG statutes

Universidade de Lisboa statutes

With best academic regards,


Dean & Professor of Finance

ISEG – Lisboa School of Economics & Management

Universidade de Lisboa

(+351) 213 925 800 / 815