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ISEG has carried out its analysis of the first phase of “I am Portugal”

Portugueseness and consumer habits are under study

Field work for the study on Portugueseness has already started for the duration of the first half of September, by a bespoke team from ISEG,  focusing on products 'made in Portugal' and consumer habits of the Portuguese, which is an integral part of the first phase of "I am Portugal".

This study aims to help better understand the type of products that are more easily identified as being Portuguese, the sectors where differentiation is more relevant for Portuguese consumers , the motivation behind their habits regarding Portuguese products and also demand criteria with regard to supply. For the internal market, the choice of products for the typical shopping basket has a high impact on the Portuguese economy. The programme "I am Portugal" aims to increase the perception of Portugueseness for the consumption of products and services which add value to the national economy and which create jobs, which consequently stimulates the Portuguese market and contributes to the balance of payments, as well as to an increase in the range of products that are typically purchased, which it is intended will be subject to an ever increasing responsible and criteria-based choice by consumers.

About "I am Portugal"

The programme "I am Portugal" was launched in December 2012 by the Portuguese government to improve the competitiveness of Portuguese firms, to promote equilibrium of the trade balance and to combat unemployment and to contribute to a sustained growth in the economy.

Various public figures from varying factions of Portuguese society accepted the invitation of the Minister of the Economy to become Ambassadors for this project, contributing with their testimonials and presence at events designed to divulge the social and economic objectives of this programme: Carlos Coelho, Carolina Piteira, Cláudia Vieira, Cristina Ferreira, Cuca Roseta, Fernanda Freitas, Fernando Gomes, Henrique Sá Pessoa, João Manzarra, Júlio Magalhães, Justa Nobre, Luís Buchinho and Luís Onofre.

At present more than 2,000 products have been certified as "I am Portugal" which, altogether represent sales of over 1.3 billion Euros. The majority of these products have patents and/or registered brands and 73% are from the food and drinks sector. More than 1,000 Portuguese firms are registered on the portal:, as their products are in the process of being certified.

This initiative is financed by the Compete programme and is managed by an operations committee, which is constituted by representatives from: the Business Association of Portugal (AEP), the Industrial Association and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (AIP-CCI), the Portuguese Farmers Association (CAP) and by IAPMEI – the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, which is responsible for the coordinating this very same body.

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