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Trip to China

IDEFE and CEGE/ChinaLogus from ISEG organised an official study trip to Chiana from the 10 to the 22 October, in partnership with the Ordem dos Economistas and the InnoChina Academy from China. The principle areas of study this year were the financial and distribution systems of China.


A group of 12 participants, under the coordination of Professor Fernanda Ilhéu visited Peking, Tianjin, Macau and Hong Kong, where they visited a varied group of companies that included ABB, the China Three Gorges Corporation, CITIC Bank, Dynasty, the EU-China Chamber of Commerce, the Binhai New Area, Hovione and GE. They also participated in seminars organised by some of these companies, as well as at the universities of Tsinghua and Tianjin, where the theoretical knowledge complemented the management and business strategy practice that had been observed in the companies visited.  


During the time in Macau, as well as attending a seminar on the economy of the Pearl River Delta, organised by AICEP, the group visited the international trade fair of Macau, where several Portuguese companies were in evidence, as well as the Portugal/China Association of Young Businessmen, who invited the group for a gala dinner. There was even time to do some sightseeing of some of the famous tourist spots of China, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Art District Nº 798, the traditional Hutongs of Peking, the Ruins of Saint Paul and the Temple of A-Má in Macau, as well as Mount Victoria in Hong Kong, all of which enabled a few words of Chinese to be learnt and introduced some aspects of Chinese culture, especially the local cuisine.


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