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ISEG MBA student receives an award from the National Association of Young Businessmen (ANJE)

A "Best Ideas Competition" organised by ANJE, (the National Association of Young Businessmen) recently nominated as one of the winners the PharmaPhoto Mobile App, which was invented by Pedro Fialho, a student of the 30th edition of the ISEG MBA.
The PharmaPhoto Mobile App has been developed for pharmacies and aims to facilitate orders by end users (consumers).
The intention is that, in just 3 simple steps, the consumer sends a photograph from their smartphone or tablet to their local pharmacy of the prescription or the medicine that they wish to purchase, via PharmaPhoto Mobile App.
The pharmacy receives this order by E-mail, and the consumer is then contacted by their pharmacy to arrange the delivery address or collection in person (click and collect).
Link for the competition:



What led you to develop this app?
The local pharmacy in the village of my parents in the Alentejo was forced to close for economic reasons. In conversation with my aunt, I asked her how she purchased her medicines. She explained that she had to take the only daily bus into town, or had to spend several days without taking them. As the nearest pharmacy is nearly 20km away, the village is, in effect, cut off from the delivery of medicines, which prejudices the elderly, who make up the majority of the local population.
Part of the ISEG MBA includes work on projects, including some on mobile applications (project inc.) and the creation and development of business ideas. The idea to use this technology to solve my aunt’s problem came about naturally, through the implementation of a simple channel of communication between her and the pharmacy in town. I visited local pharmacies and obtained confirmation that they would be interested and that they were already offering a delivery service to isolated villages, which would be greatly improved with prior notification of information about prescriptions.


How does it work and how can it be useful to consumers?
It consists of a mobile application that allows users to contact their local pharmacy from a smartphone or tablet, and in 3 easy steps place an order with their address for either medicines, or other health care products. On receipt of the photograph of the prescription, or a text message, the pharmacy can then expedite the order efficiently.
Many patients, or those that care for them, are unable to travel to the nearest town for diverse reasons, or limitations, and thus this app provides a simple way of supplying their medicines.
In addition to the benefits in terms of convenience, comfort and time-saving, the app leads to improvements in treatment, as it overcomes the obstacle of mobility (or even the total lack of it).
What phase of implementation are we in at the moment?
We are working on the development of the ‘alpha phase’, which will consist of the launch in the exact municipality where my family lives – Elvas. We plan to carry out a pilot test in February and are currently building a partnership with the town of Elvas to support us at this stage, especially with the task of informing the local population.
What are your expectations for this app?
After Elvas, the project will be "available" for all municipalities at both a national level, and later on at an international level, for countries where this app could be viable.