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Conference | 1st Conference of the SAÚDE network

The thematic, Interdisciplinary Network for Health (Rede SAÚDE) is an initiative of the Rector’s Office of the Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa), which is aimed at improving research and development skills at the university in a subject that is critical for both the region and the country.


Amongst its 18 Faculties, ULisboa hosts research centres that have a good reputation, especially in the areas of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health Sector Policies and Technologies.


The founding group of specialist from this network have carried out an internal skills analysis and has been discussing the major challenges for innovation in the Health sector.


The 1st Annual Conference of the SAÚDE will be an opportunity to share these thoughts with the academic community of ULisboa and thus strengthen the cooperative study that enables the University to reinforce its strategic position as a competitive partner in the international scene.


Free admission, subject to enrolment.


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