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Spring Concert, 2015 | Chamber Choir of ULisboa

concerto primavera

Universidade de Lisboa will be holding its Spring Concerto on the
25th of March, at 
21.30, at the
Igreja da Graça.
This concert of the Chamber Choir of Universidade de Lisboa follows the age-old tradition of Universidade de Lisboa from between the 13
th and the 16
th Centuries, before it was transferred to Coimbra in 1537.
The university is, above all, a space for creative arts and sciences. University is culture. It is situated in the city, for the city. 
This concert will include the participation of: 
–        The Chamber Choir of Universidade de Lisboa (Organ: João Lima | Conductor: Luís Almeida)
–        Female choir of Lisbon (Conuctor: Maria Pedro Valadão)
Free entrance, subject to available space in the church.



For further information: 
(+351) 210 113 475 |