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Ageing and Retirement Policy: what is the future for pensions?

The first lecture of the
on Ageing in Portuguese Society, entitled 
Ageing and Retirement Policy: what future for pensions?" will be held on the
th of May
, at 
14.00, organised by the
Ageing Institute.
The event will be held in the
Sedas Nunes Auditorium, of the
Ageing Institute, which is located at the Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa.
Ageing of the population is clearly a long-term trend in Portuguese society – which was confirmed in the last population census. However, unlike other societies, at least with regard to its size, the ageing of the Portuguese population occurs in conjunction with other social and economic processes, which makes it both worrying and difficult to forecast its evolution. In parallel with the ongoing economic adjustments that Portuguese society is suffering under the auspices of austerity other less marked demographic adjustment are also taking place..
In this light,
this lecture intends to propose reflection and discussion about the financing of the pension system, which has to reflect both the increasing longevity of the population, and also the decreasing ratio between active and non-active contributors.
This is not aimed at just raising the issue of the sustainability of the social security system and the eventual necessary measures that will have to be implemented, but also about the model on which it is based, paving the way for discussion of alternative solutions and their respective advantages and risks.
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