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Innovation Week at ULisboa

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) will be hosting the 1st Innovation Week, in June, with the objective to promote public debate on important issues from the strategic areas of intervention of the University.
During this week, conferences will be held from the Interdisciplinary Thematic Network of  ULisboa – the AGRO Network, the SAÚDE Network, the VALOR Network and the recently-created Planning and Studies Technicians Network (RtEP)

At the same time, an Exhibition Space will be available for Research, Knowledge, Technology and Entrepreneurship, counting on the participation of External Companies, Partners, Research Institutions and Incubators from ULisboa. 
 This initiative will run from the 15 th to the 18 th of June, from 09.00 to 18.00, at the Rector’s Office of ULisboa. 

Further information

Tel.:  +351 210 443 562