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Early voting  Parliamentary Election  October, 2015

Under the terms of No.3, of Article 79 -A, of Law No.14/79, of the 16th of May, supplemented by Law No. 3/2010 of the 15th of December,
students who are studying in universities at a place that is different to where they are registered on the electoral roll" have the right to vote early.


Such voters have until the 14
th of September to apply by post or electronically, to the Mayor of the municipality on whose electoral roll they are registered, for the necessary documentation to exercise their right to vote early.


Together with this application they must send: a copy of their voter registration card, or failing that, a certificate or voter's register, a copy of their citizen’s card / ID card or other identification document; and also a declaration issued by the university confirming their registration and enrolment.


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