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Erasmus Buddy Programme

ISEG collaborates with
ESN for the Godfather/Godmother programme of Erasmus.
Apart from having an opportunity to interact with students from various countries from differing cultures, this programme gives you an opportunity to make new friends and to practice your language skills. Furthermore, being an
extracurricular activity, it is worth
0.5 ECTS for the Personal Development CU in the study plan. This activity will also be validated academically as part of the Degree Supplement.
Applications can be made to ESN Lisboa, directly on the
site .
Requisites for being awarded 0.5 ECTS:
  • The emission of a declaration by ESN Lisboa confirming your performance;
  • A final report, signed by both the Godfather and the Godson.
It is so simple! Participate and enrol as an Erasmus Godfather or Godmother!!!