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“Helping as part of the Freshers initiation” at ISEG


"Helping as part of the 'Freshers' initiation" at ISEG

As an initiative of the ISEG Students Association, the new undergraduate students were challenged to harness their energy to help others in an activity that took place yesterday at the 1
st Cycle Junior School in the Lapa district.

Starting at university is often a bit traumatic for many of the "freshmen" who worry about the habitual rituals of integration. In an attempt to de-mystify this preconception, and at the same time, in order to demonstrate the excellent spirit that exists among students at ISEG, the ISEG Students Association proposed a different kind of initiation.
In an event that counted on the presence of a significant proportion of the new students, the "freshmen" helped to renovate a school that showed obvious signs of degradation through the cleaning of various classrooms and outdoor areas, the painting walls and staircases, all of which contributed to a significant improvement of the school.
According to the chairman of the Student Association, James Correia – "this project is an example of the increasingly diverse activity of the SA, which, in this case, was in the area of Social Responsibility, which facilitates the transmission of the mutual values and companionship which are characteristic of ISEG. It remains for me to give a word of appreciation to the initiation committee, as well as to the new students, who were extraordinary, as well as to the Estrela Parish Council, who collaborated with us on this initiative".
Furthermore, the Head of Marketing at ISEG, Jose Verissimo, said that "this is an initiative framed in the spirit of the university's mission, which aims to achieve good integration with the surrounding community, and as such, we support and encourage this initiative".

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Organisations involved:

> The Initiation Committee
> ISEG +Solidário
> The Estrela Parish Council