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Debate at IST: The (Un)sustainability of the Euro


A debate will be held on the
22 of October, 2015, at
18.00 in the GA3 Auditorium of the Instituto Superior Técnico (Pavilhão Central), on the subject of: 
The (Un)sustainability of the Euro, Alternatives to the Single Currency, Germany's position in relation to the Euro and the future of the European Union. 

The following speakers will participate in the debate:


Professor João Ferreira do Amaral, PhD

Retired Full Professor at ISEG. 

Chairman of the Board of the Association for Competiveness in the Forestry Industry. 

Member of the Economic and Social Board of ISEG. Ex-member the Statistics Consultative Board.  Managing Director of the Central Planning Department. Member of the Economic Policy Think-tank of the former CEE and an advisor to the President of the Portuguese Republic. Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate from ISEG.


Professor Vítor da Conceição Gonçalves, PhD

Full Professor at ISEG. 

Head of the Management Department at ISEG. 

Has held senior managerial positions in both the private  and public sector (Member of the Advisory Board at EDP, Non-Executive Director at ZON Multimédia; Chairman of the Fiscal Board of the EDP Foundation, Chairman of Gabtec, Member of the Economic and Social Board of ISEG, Vice-Rector of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa; Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ISEG, etc.). Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in Management.  Author of dozens of works on Management in leading international journals and other Portuguese and international publications.



18.00 – Welcome coffee

18.30 – Presentation and Debate

Professor João Ferreira do Amaral, PhD

Professor Vítor Gonçalves, PhD

19.15 – Presentation of the Courses in Management

Professor Vítor Gonçalves, PhD

19.30 – Cocktail