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Green Fest & Postgraduation in Sustainability Management

ISEG takes the Postgraduation in Sustainability Management to GREENFEST 

As part of the Postgraduation in Sustainability Management, ISEG will participate in GREENFEST, the largest event that is dedicated to sustainability in Portugal, which celebrates every year the best in Portugal in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The ISEG session entitled
"How to write a Sustainable Marketing Plan? A Case Study", will take place on the 9
th of October, at 17.00, and the speakers will be Cristina Ferreira, Daniel Souza and Sofia Marques, all students of the 1
st Edition of the Postgraduation in Sustainability Management. 

The session is intended for students or professionals who wish to learn more about how to communicate and promote products and services in the area of sustainability. Through a case study, the speakers will present the inherent steps of the planning and strategy of marketing. In addition to the strategic focus, the operational phases will also be addressed, which are related to product variables, price, communication and distribution. At the end of the session, those interested in furthering their knowledge in this area can share testimonies with Postgraduate students and clarify any doubts. 

Further information about the event is available at: or at the ISEG/UL stand at the event.

Further information about the Postgraduation:

Postgraduation in Sustainability Management is now in its 5
th Edition, and is the only in the market that addresses the issue of sustainability in a transversal way across all the areas of a company, ranging from financial management through to marketing and communication, quality and human resources.

The aim is to offer students an integrated perspective in order that they can be proficient in developing a strategy for the effective development of sustainability and can generate gains for their company, employees and the community, based on a balance between economic, social and environmental factors.

The application period is now open for the 6th Edition, which starts in January, 2016.