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ISEG Professor publishes a book entitled “Unit Roots: an introduction”

 Artur Silva Lopes, Professor of Econometrics at ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa, and a researcher in macroeconometrics, has published a book entitled "Unit Roots: an introduction". This work is part of the Series II of Economic Coordination Collection of the Economic Foundation – Foundation for Development of Financial and Business Economics, and is edited by Palgrave Macmillan.

This short book is the author's contribution to the dissemination of a study on one of the central themes of these subjects, which are one of the pillars of the "revolution of unit roots and co-integration." Already devoid of the ideology and controversy that surrounded the initial economic policy, and after about three and a half decades after its emergence, this issue continues to generate debate and is the subject of considerable research. Its importance is derived from its character as a preliminary indicator for the multivariate analysis of macroeconomic indicators, as well as its use as an analytical tool for theories on exchange rates and interest rates, economic cycles, the convergence of per capita income, or public debt sustainability, to name just a few.