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ULisboa in the Participative Budget of the Lisbon Municipal Council (CML) 2015

The following two projects are to be voted on until the 15 th of November in the Participative Budget of the Lisbon Municipal Council (OP) 2015:  " Discovering the Tapada da Ajuda park" (100), and " EULisboa, a City in Movement" (140).


Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is committed to publicising and supporting projects 100 and 140, with the aim of improving conditions for those who study, work and visit the Tapada de Ajuda, as well as the practice of sports at the University Stadium in Lisbon.


Projeto 100: "Discovering the Tapada da Ajuda" will: 

– Create: a recreational and garden area in the Pateira area

 – Re-qualify: the riverside, the view point, the woods and the pavements

– Improve: sinalética, equipamentos e vedações



Projeto 140: "EULisboa, a City in Movement" will: 

– Create: streets and public walkways

– Light: public walkways and "outdoor" fitness circuits 

– Restore: "Outdoor" fitness circuits 

 – Re-qualify: artificial beaches for beach sports 

– Incentivise: the practice of sport


A vote for 100 and 140 is More Nature and More Quality of Life for us all!

We are counting on you! Support these ULisboa projects and vote for 100 and 140 until the 15th of November. All you need to do is send a free SMS to 4310 with 100, or 140, to the same number.

You can also cast your vote for projects 100 and 140 on the OP 2015 page

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