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Project 140 winner of the 2105 OP | Thanks!

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is to be congratulated! The  Project 140 – EULisboa, City in Movement is one of the winners of the Participative Budget of the Lisbon Municipality for 2015, in the €150,000 category.

Thanks to your vote, we will now be able to implement improvements that will diversify the offer of sports in the municipality, by creating new outdoor physical activity and sports-oriented programmes, as well as contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of this infrastructure which is part of nature and public property.  With your help we will:

–  Create: pavements and public footpaths  
–  Illuminate: public footpaths and "Outdoor" fitness circuits  
–  Renovate: "Outdoor" fitness circuits    
–  Requalify: sandpits for playing beach sports  
–  Incentivise: playing sport


Of the1,631 votes received, yours was one of them. Many thanks!