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Documentary | Gender Equality in Companies – Break Even

The Documentary of the Gender Equality in Companies – Break Even is available ( here ).

This project was organised by ISEG, in partnership with CESIS (Social Intervention Studies Centre), CIEG (Multidisciplinary Gender Studies Centre of the Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, ISCSP), and the Centre for Gender Research of the University of Oslo. The main aim was to promote gender equality in seven large companies: Âncora: APL – Administração do Porto de Lisboa, S.A., CTT – Correios de Portugal, Grupo Dorisol, Grupo Pestana (Pestana Management – Serviços de Gestão, S.A.), INCM – Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S.A, Lisgráfica – Impressão e Artes Gráficas, S.A., and L'Oréal Portugal. The initiative was co-financed by the EEA Grants, Financial Mechanism of the European Economical Area 2009-2014, the Portuguese representative in this case being CIG – The Gender Equality and Citizenship Commission. 

As part of this project, ISEG hosted the Closing Conference on the 5th of April, where the main results were presented, as was the methodology, tools used and the testimonies of those responsible for its implementation and those involved (research team and members of the task forces from each company). A photographic report of the Closing Conference can be seen ( here ).