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ULisboa/Santander Scientific Prizes

Enrolment is now open until the 15th of May for applications for the Universidade de Lisboa/Santander Scientific Prizes, whose objective is to stimulate the publication of scientific papers. 

The aim of these prizes, which were instigated by ULisboa in partnership with Banco Santander Totta is to reward scientific research and to incentivise publication in well-known, high quality international journals. 

In all, 6 Prizes will be awarded, together with 40 Mentions of Honour, in the following subjects:

  • Agronomy (including Forestry and Food Science)
  • Ergonometric (including Rehabilitation, Sport, Physical Education)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering, Aerospace Engineering (Aviónica)
  • Mechanical Engineering, Naval Engineering, Aerospace Engineering (Aeronaves)
  • Environmental Engineering, Energy

Applications should be submitted to:

Deliberation (PDF)
Rules and Regulations (PDF) 
Poster (PDF) 

Further Information