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Launch | Postgraduation in Digital Marketing


ISEG is launching the new Postgraduation in Digital Marketing

A Póstgraduation in partnership with PHD and Google.


ISEG is launching the new Postgraduation in Digital Marketing, which aims to teach the subject of digital marketing in an integrated manner, from its strategy, through its definition and planning, to its implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Taught in three main modules, students gain a specific knowledge that enables them to develop a digital marketing strategy, define measures, master platforms, and effectively analyse return on investment.


The scientific coordinator of the Postgraduation is Professor Helena Martins Gonçalves, PhD, whilst the executive coordination is the responsibility of Carolina Afonso, MSc.


Apart for ISEG professors, other members of the teaching staff include Sandra Alvarez (PhD), João Nunes (Google), Rui Ventura (Fuel TV/APPM), Marco Gouveia (Pestana Group), João Ribeiro (Markedu), and Vanda Rosário (IPSIS), among other professionals in this field.


The teaching staff is highly specialised and experienced, and is able to combine both a theoretical and a practical approach, including the development of campaigns and the preparation for certification (optional) in AdWords, which are examples of the differentiating factors of this Postgraduation.


The Postgraduation in Digital Marketing is taught in partnership with Google and  PHD (OmniCom Group), both of renown in this field, both at a national and international level.


The best student of the course will be awarded a prize of 1,500 Euros, which is sponsored by PHD. Enrolment is now open, and the first Edition will start in September of 2016


For further information about the Postgraduation in Digital Marketing and  Enrolment, see: