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Executive Course | Finance for the Non-financial Manager

Course Dates: 20 February to 10 April, 2017  Duration: 63 hours  
Tme: 18.30 to 21.30  
Price: €2,800  
Enrolment by 3 February: 20% discount 
Deadline for Enrolment: 14 February, 2017

In response to the various requests made by professionals from different areas, IDEFE, under the scientific supervision of ISEG, launched this intensive course on Finance for Non-financial Managers, as part of its Executive Training courses.

The course aims to give a clear and effective response for your specific and increasing needs and for the requirements of your own business, or the business of the company where you work.

It is a higher-level educational course that focusses on the practical side, with continual use of exercises and case studies, in order to guarantee an enriching exchange of experiences between the different participants and an operational style of learning.

Target Market
All professionals who have a strong relationship with, or interest in management, and who utilise information produced by the Accounts department, who do not have a basic training in accounting and finance, namely:
» Senior Managers, Directors, Fiscal Board Members, Businessmen;
» Managing Directors, Managers, Business Unit Managers, Line Managers, and Technical Staff,
» Managers and University-educated Self-Employed Businessmen, especially Economists, Engineers, and IT Specialist,
» Sociologists, Psychologists, and Legal Professionals;
» Company employees who wish to gain a knowledge of accounting and finance. 

Further information and Enrolment 
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