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Applications for the Primus Inter Pares Prize – deadline 10th of March

The deadline for applications for the Primus Inter Pares Prize 2016/17 has been extended until the 10 th of March, 2017.
Applicants can send their applications by registered post to Egor Consulting, Edifício Europa, Av. José Malhoa, 16 F – 4º piso, 1070-159, Lisboa, or online, at: 

Primus Inter Pares is a prize for those Final-Year Students of a Masters in Engineering, Economics, or Management, who satisfy the folllowing requirenmts at the time of aplicationm:
– Be of Portuguese nationality;
– Be younger than 26 years of age;
– Be a Final-Year Student of a Masters degree (2 nd Study Cycle) in Engineering, Economics, or Management;
– To have obtained sufficient credits to allow them to complete the 2 nd Study Cycle 2nd cycle of study up until the end of the current Academic Year, as proved by a university-emitted declaration;
– Have obtained a final average grade of 14 (fourteen), or higher for their Bachelors degree;
– Have obtained an average grade of 14 (fourteen), or higher for their Masters degree at the time of application.

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