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Postgraduation in Economic Studies | Starts in October

The 2nd Edition of theISEG/Idefe Postgraduation in Economic Studies starts in October. 

This course was designed for professionals who do not necessarily have a degree in the field of economics, but who are interested in economics issues, to help them meet expectations in their professional lives with regards to issues related to Economics. 

This course enables you to master some of the key concepts of economics and to have an understanding that will enable you to be able to reply to question about Economics, such as: 

»What is GDP, and how do you calculate it? 

»Why do exchange rates vary? 

»What is the role of the ECB? 

»How does inflation occur? 

»What is a swap? 

»How does the State Budget work? 

»What brings about a financial crises? 

»What are the current developments in the Portuguese economy? 

As well as other topics that are studied along the course.