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At ISEG, “helping others is our praxe” initiation!


At ISEG, "helping others is our “praxe" initiation!

For the third year in a row, yesterday afternoon another “Solidarity Praxe” took place, organised byISEG + SolidárioAE ISEG and the ISEGPraxe Committee, in partnership with the Estrela Parish Council.

Starting at university is often a headache for many new students who are nervous about the habitual integration rituals. In order to demystify these issues and, at the same time, to demonstrate the excellent spirit that exists among ISEG students, for the third consecutive year, the students proved that at ISSEG, “helping others is our “praxe" initiation”.

This is a time when it is possible to count on a high level of support from the new students, and these helped to re-decorate a nursery that showed obvious signs of degradation, cleaning various outside areas and painting walls, which contributed significantly to the improvement of the conditions of the facilities. In addition, several times the students entertained the children, through plays and singing. They also helped clean up the home of a needy family.

An afternoon of helping others, which was different from usual, where our students have an opportunity to help others as volunteers and also grow up personally.

Another year when at ISEG, “helping others is our “praxe" initiation!”

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