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New Ebook on Social Media Trends 2018

In the " Social Media Trends 2018" eBook, specialists and ISEG professors present the main tendencies for next year.

The "Social Media Trends 2018" eBook mentions a total of 18 trends, ranging from areas as different as Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Digital Analytics and Community Management, which provide insights into marketing management. 

The "Social Media Trends 2018" eBook has been published as part of the recently launched Social Media Management Executive Course, scheduled to start in January 2018. This is an intensive course of four days, aimed at those who wish to acquire specialised knowledge in the area of Social Media, counting on the participation of some of the best experts in the country. 

The authors of the book are also lecturers of the course in Social Media Management: Helena Gonçalves and Carolina Afonso, from ISEG, and also Elisabete Ferreira (JWT), Fábio Rodrigues (Ongagement), Nuno Hipólito (Resolution Media), Sandra Alvarez (PHD) and Vanda Rosário (IPSIS). 

The eBook can be downloaded for free on: