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“Portugal Sou Eu” stamp influences consumer buying habits

84.5% of consumers search for the origin of products

"Portugal Sou Eu" stamp influences consumer buying habits  

"Portugal Sou Eu" presented the results of its study that evaluates the notoriety of the "I am Portugal" ("Portugal Sou Eu") stamp, which is based on the buying habits of Portuguese consumers in relation to the origin of products.

A team of professors from ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management (CEGE), Universidade de Lisboa, presented the results of the study today, during the II Forum – "I am Portugal" ("Portugal Sou Eu"), at the Lisbon Congress Centre, which re-confirmed the buying habits of consumers with regards to the origin of product, especially foodstuffs, and the weighting of Portuguese products in relation to monthly spending.

Get to know the results of the study on this link