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Mário Centeno | Eurogroup President

ISEG proudly greets Professor Mário Centeno, the Portuguese Minister of Finance, for his election as the new Eurogroup President in 4 December 2017.

Mário Centeno is an Invited Full Professor at ISEG that taught Labour Economics before being appointed Minister of Finance at the end of 2015. He holds a B.A. in Economics (1990) and a Master's in Applied Mathematics to Economics and Management (1993) awarded by ISEG, and a second Marter's (1998) and Pd.D. (2000) in Economics obtained at Harvard University. At the beginning of his academic career he was a member of the academic staff at ISEG's department of Mathematics and then joined the staff at the Bank of Portugal.

He is a member of UECE, a research centre at ISEG, and also an associate editor of the Portuguese Economic Journal. He has produced research in labour economics, with articles published in top field journals such as Journal of Human Resources, Labour Economics or Journal of Labor Research. He has also published in Economics journals such as Journal of International Money and Finance, European Economic Review, Economica, Economics Letters, amongst many others.

ISEG wishes Professor Mário Centeno success in his new role.