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Professor Margarida Abreu joins the Audit Board of Banco de Portugal


Professor Margarida Abreu has joined the Audit Board of the Banco de Portugal.

This appointment demonstrates the relevance and participation of ISEG faculty in public and private institutions, and in society in general. The term of office is for three years. The inauguration ceremony took place on the 8 th of May. 

About the Audit Board of the Banco de Portugal 
The Audit Board of the Bank of Portugal is composed of a chairperson and two Members.

The role of the Audit Board is the following: 
– Monitor the operation of the Bank and its compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;

– Give an opinion regarding sporadic situations presented by the bank’s Board of Directors during its mandate;

– Pronounce on the budget, the statement of financial position, and the annual management accounts; 
– Examine the Bank's legal contracts, safes, and vaults, whenever deemed fit, subject to the inherent security rules;

– Bring to the attention of the Governor of the Bank or the Board of Directors any matter that need to be considered and pronounce on any matter submitted by these entities.


Composition of the Audit Board of the Banco de Portugal 
– Chairman: Nuno Gonçalves Gracias Fernandes 
– Member – Official Chartered Accountant: António Gonçalves Monteiro 
– Member: Margarida Paula Calado Neca Vieira de Abreu