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Mobility Exchange for Staff | Erasmus + Programme

The Erasmus+ programme provides grants for mobility exchanges of technical and administrative staff for training at other Higher Education Institutions and other European Organisations that are included in the programme. This funding is for exchanges of a minimum of two days duration (excluding travel time) and a maximum of two months, and are designed for technical and administrative staff and for the exchange of knowledge in the Higher Education sector.

Applicants can consult the necessary documentation


, as well as the procedures for application and selection. 


Applications should include:

1. The

Personal Information Form 

, which should be filled in with an estimate of costs, based on the Erasmus

Grants Table

2. A 

Work Plan 
(if this is not yet signed by your host Institution, then at least an Email accepting your request for an Erasmus mobility exchanges should be submitted);

3. A short description of the objectives of the mission and the forecast benefits for your Service / Host Institution.

4. A Declaration of Approval from the management of your Host Institution.    

Further information about these
Staff Weeks can be consulted on the


All the stipulated documentation should be handed in to the IMO – International Mobility Office – by the 28
th of June, 2018.

The mobility exchanges covered by an application must end before the 31
st of December, 2018.

Further information: