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The death of Fernando Cardim de Carvalho and his collaboration with ISEG

Fernando Cardim de Carvalho died on the 16
th of May at his home in Cascais. Professor Emeritus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Cardim de Carvalho was a respected economist and researcher worldwide. In recent years, on several occasions he participated in ISEG’s initiatives. In particular, he was responsible for a course at the
ISEG Summer School in 2015, and gave several lectures to PhD and Masters students, the last one taking place on the 7
th of December, 2017. Having spent two years at the Levy Economics Institute, Bart College, New York, he returned to Portugal in July 2017. Shortly afterwards, as part of the effort to increase the internationalisation of our School’s research, we offered Fernando a part-time teaching contract with ISEG, which he accepted with great enthusiasm. However, in early 2018, he asked us to delay the process, due to the rapid and unpredictable progress of the disease that was affecting him.


Fernando profoundly identified with the post-Keynesian train of thought, and was Editor of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. He was an economist of great culture and very open, as shown by his approach to economic cycles, namely that of the last crisis, through a Schumpeterian lens, or his treatment of the subtleties of Axel Leijonhufvud's analysis of Keynes' theories and monetary ideas, amongst others.  Fernando possessed a characteristic, which is perhaps rare nowadays, of being an economist who was vitally interested in economic theory and its developments.


We are grateful to Fernando for the appreciation that he expressed for our School and for his desire to cooperate with us and we offer our condolences to his wife Fernanda, who accompanied him several times in his trips into ISEG, his son Thiago Carvalho, and his daughter-in-law.




Lisbon, 18th of May, 2018


Joaquim Ramos Silva 

Full Professor 

Head of the Department of Economics 

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management – Universidade de Lisboa