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ISEG professor elected Chair of the Portuguese Mathematics Society

Filipe Oliveira, Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics of ISEG, has been elected the
Chair of the 
Portuguese Mathematics Society. The new Chair succeeds Jorge Buescu and has a mandate for two years. 

ISEG professors do have collaborated with the PMS ever since its foundation. Bento de Jesus Caraça was its Chair in 1943, Nuno Crato from 2004 to 2010, as have been some Guest and Visiting Professors, such as Aureliano da Mira Fernandes and António St. Aubyn. Alfredo Egídio, a Full Professor at ISEG, is a member of the Board of the PMS. Professor Maria do Rosário Grossinho, the current President of the Pedagogic Board of ISEG, has already been Member of the Board of SPM.