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Company founded by ISEG alumni is a finalist of the Google International Prize

WhiteKube, a digital marketing consultancy founded by Bruno Lopes and Paulo Bartolomeu (both of whom are ISEG alumni), is a finalist and the only company representing Portugal in the EMEA Premier Partner Awards, 2018, organised by Google, whose winners will be announced on the 16 th of October.

This year, WhiteKube has been nominated for the third consecutive year (after having been a finalist in 2016 and 2017), in the Video Innovation category, for the work developed for UGURU, a music promoter and agency in Portugal, for the innovative way in which it helped the company boost the sale of its shows and the image of its artists.

The EMEA Premier Partner Awards rewarding innovation in digital marketing in six different categories, which range from research innovation through to mobiles and the growth of online business. Each award recognises those premier partners and third-party agencies that have used Google products not only to achieve excellence in marketing through innovation, but also to deliver excellent results for their SME customers.

WhiteKube provides digital marketing services and 360º consulting, which is focused on leveraging digital business, and has worked with companies such as IndieCampers, Bankinter, and FC Porto.

"This is in recognition of how we have consistently delivered results with excellence, and for reconciling our knowledge and Google’s powerful tools to generate relevant results for our customers in the digital context, being doubly gratifying that the same recognition has be made by Google itself", confirmed Paulo Bartolomeu and Bruno Lopes, ISEG alumni and partners of WhiteKube.

"It is with great satisfaction that I witness recent ISEG alumni succeeding at both the national and international level. This award from Google, one of the largest companies in the digital sector, shows how well-qualified our students are for entering the job market, and that they are equipped with all the necessary technical skills, as well as a comprehensive view of the market and its impact on society, always seeking to innovate. Indeed, ISEG has a network of alumni of great repute and influence, which embraces all the large organisations of the most diverse range of sectors", refers Clara Raposo, Dean of ISEG.