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Academic Dissertation Award | Best Funds – Jornal de Negócios/APFIPP

The Jornal de Negócios and APFIPP – Associação Portuguesa de Fundos de Investimento, Pensões e Patrimónios are going to organise anotehr edition of the
Jornal de Negócios/ APFIPP Awards in 2019. 

The objective of above-mentioned awards is to contribute to improving the knowledge and visibility of the Industry of the Management of Collective Investment and of National Pension Funds Institutions, as well as to promote the financial literacy of the general public.

Similar to previous editions, these awards will be for the following categories:


  • "National management of Collective Real Estate Securities Investment and Alternative Investment Institutions";
  • "National management of Real Estate Institutions, and;
  • "National management of Open Pension Funds".

In order to encourage the development of academic research on these subjects, similar to previous, the following awards will be attributed: 
Academic Dissertation on Collective Securities Investment, Asset and/or Pension Fund Management Institutions/Connections between Asset and Pension Fund Management of the Public Pension System"

This award is intended for Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate or PhD dissertations, whose subjects are relevant to the above-mentioned areas and which have been examined during the year in which the award is attributed (in this case, in 2018) . 

The applications, which may be written in Portuguese or English, should be sent to APFIPP, as described

by the 28th of February, 2019. These should be accompanied by an executive summary with less than 6,000 characters. 

The Academic Dissertation Award is worth €2,000 and it will be judged by a panel from the Management Boards of APFIPP and Jornal de Negócios, in accordance with the rules stipulated in the above-mentioned Rules and Regulations. 

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