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Course on Computer-aided Content Analysis using MAXqda | Enrolment now open

CEGE – Centre for Management Studies is organising a Course on Computer-aided Content Analysis using MAXqda at ISEG, to be taught by Professor Rui Brites (ISEG). 

The objective of the course aims to familiarise the participants the essentials of coding and analysis of interviews and unstructured sources (texts) and also the reporting of the results in an academic thesis or in a professional report.

>> Target Market

Masters and PhD graduates of Social Sciences (Sociology, Social Psychology, Human Resource Management, Social Service, Marketing, etc.) who need to know how to process unstructured information and interpret it for their academic theses and/or professional reports.

>> Methodology

A theoretical-practical approach, supported by the analysis of real-life cases, which is taught in an interactive way, including formal presentations, case studies, and exercises.

>> Syllabus

  1. Content analysis: principles, objectives and areas of application
  2. Computer-aided Content Analysis (QDA).
  3. Transcript of theoretically-oriented interviews: construction of a transcription grid.
  4. Introduction to MAXqda:

    – MAXqda: desktop, texts, codes and memos;

    – Automatic coding with MAXdictio;

    – Creation of a MAXqda file: coding structure in accordance with the desired outputs.
  5. Coding in MAXqda: dimensions and indicators.
  6. Outputs: – Summary tables of the coding of transformed data, by size and font.
  7. Visual tools of MAXqda: MAXMaps, Code Matrix Browser e Code Relationship Browser
  8. Analysis of topic of relevance: indicators and category frequency graphs and "clouds".

The course will be held from the
23 to 24 April, from14.00 to 18.00.

Deadline for enrolment: 12 April

Participants receive a participation certificate and also a support manual, which enables them to use the procedures to process their own data and carry out their interpretation.

Further information and enrolment:

Telephone: 213970264 / 963903252