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Recent Developments in the Portuguese Economic Journal

We are happy to report that the number of new submissions to the Portuguese Economic Journal (PEJ) reached more than 200 in 2018, nearly three times the 2008-17 average. The average turnaround time to first decision is now less than 30 days, a 75% decrease relative to the 2008-17 average. The rejection rate of new submissions is now about 90%, around 10 percentage point above the historical mean.

The journal now generates a flow of nearly new 60 citations per year at the Web of Science database, twice the 2008-17 average. The (two-year) impact factor more than doubled to 0.4 between 2017 and 2018.

PEJ is currently ranked in the top 10% of IDEAS/RePEc Aggregate Rankings for Journals and it is classified as a category 3 (selective journals with a demanding and transparent peer-review process) generalist journal in the prestigious French CNRS list of Economics journals, the same level as well-established national journals like the Australian Economic Papers, the German Economic Review, the Japanese Economic Review or SERIEs, Journal of the Spanish Economic Association.