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435 First Year Students of ISEG join together in an act of solidarity

This Friday, the 13
th of September, the First Year Students of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management are going to swap

the classroom for volunteer work, in support of reducing non-food waste and increasing environmental protection.
More than 400 students will participate in a day of solidarity.

This act is already a tradition at ISEG, which promotes a Solidarity Day every year for First Year Students, as part of their integration and also to help them be aware of humanitarian values and become promoters of sustainability of the first School of Economy and Management to be established in the country, and that which takes in the largest number of First Year Students every year.

This year, the objective of ISEG is to make its students aware of sustainable causes – through very concrete actions to combat food waste (in collaboration with
Refood), to promote recycling and the re-use of objects (in partnership with the
Misericórdia of the local Parish Council), and to improve urban cleanliness, in a joint action with the Estrela Parish Council, right in the centre of Lisbon, where ISEG is located. The First Year Students will participate in various activities, such as cleaning the streets and gardens around ISEG together with several local urban hygiene technicians and will publicise the activities of
Refood, an organisation which combats the waste of food waste and hunger.

The Solidarity Day does not stop here, as it encourages young students to participate in the "Living Mercy" project through the distribution of re-usable cups by local businesses, alerting to the harm of traditional plastic cups. This initiative is the results of a partnership with
Turismo de Portugal, which aims to improve the quality of life of the local residents and their relationship with the tourists who visit their neighbourhood.

Located in the heart of Lisbon, ISEG is concerned with the sustainability of its city and the civic education of its students. Here we educate People, who, to be good professionals, need to be actively involved with their local community" explains Clara Raposo, the Dean of the Business School. "
With this kind of initiative we aim to demonstrate the more humane and responsible side of the ‘policy’ initiation activities, which can be positive – in fact, we all have an important role to play in achieving the UN-defined Sustainable Development goals for promoting the prosperity and well-being of all" the Dean of ISEG added.