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Awards and Distinctions

MAEG@ISEG | we have the best of the best

The Undergraduate Course in Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management (MAEG) is at the tops of the table for entrance grades at ISEG.

In fact, MAEG is the degree with the highest entrance grades in the area of Economics and Management in the whole of Portugal, with a minimum grade of 18.40 points. 

ISEG welcomes the 44 MAEG students who are about to follow in the footsteps of the business elite of Portugal – they are the best of the best!

Over the years, MAEG has been one of the best performing degrees at ISEG. Launched in 1990, it is one of the university degrees that guarantees the highest employability in Portugal, having attained a rate of 100%.

Many of the most prestigious economists and managers of the last decades have graduated from ISEG – the first School of Economics and Management to be found in the country – many of whom are successfully employed at both the national and the international level.

ISEG wishes everyone a great Academic Year!