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“Observe and Learn” project of Universidade de Lisboa

The "Observe and Learn"  project will launch the 12 th Edition. The aim of this project is to continue to  improve faculty’s lecturing skills, both through feedback received by the observed, and by the pedagogical awareness which is developed by being an observer, in an observation project where volunteer members of faculty participate with total anonymity and confidentiality. The proposed observation model is based on a quartet consisting of two pairs of members of faculty who originate from different Schools form work groups where all participants observe (twice), and are observed (twice).

The project seminar will take place on the 8th of October, strarting at 15.30, in  The Lagoa Henriques Auditorium in the Faculty of Fine Arte (Faculdade de Belas Artes). The keynote speaker will be Pedro Reis, from the Education Institute (Instituto de Educação), who will speak on " Approaches, methodologies, and instruments for the observation and discussion of lectures". The results obtained in the 2 nd Semester of 2018/2019 will also be presented and the procedures to be adopted for the 12 th Edition of the project will be decided. The "Observe and Learn" project can be a useful tool for developing lecturing skills.

Consult the key results of the project  here.

All information regarding the project can be found on this link.

Enrolment to participate in this project during this 1 st Semester can be carried out on

Participation in the Seminar of the 8th of October is open to all the faculty of Universidade de Lisboa (even those who are not planning to participate in the project during this Semester).

Poster (pdf)