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Awards and Distinctions

Fundação Mário Soares Prize – Fundação EDP 2020

The period for the submission of candidatures for the 22nd Edition of the Fundação Mário Soares – Fundação EDP 2020 prize is open until the 20th of December, 2019​.

The Prize, which is awarded annually, aims to distinguish academic dissertations authors for their research work carried out on the History of Portugal during the 20th century, and is worth 5,000 Euros.

The submission of dissertation for the 22nd Edition of the Prize must be presented in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, and be handed in to the head office of the Fundação Mário Soares, Rua de S. Bento, 176, 1200-821 Lisboa, or it can be sent by registered post up until the ​20th of December, 2019​.

The Rules and Regulations are published on ​

The Fundação Mário Soares Prize is supported by Fundação EDP.