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Death of Dr. Mário Machungo


It is with regret that I write to inform that Dr. Mário Machungo has died. He is a distinguished alumnus of ISEG, in the days when it was ISCEF.

ISEG pays tribute to him, publicly recognising his special distinction as a student, as a member of our Advisory Board, and also as a Minister and later Prime Minister of Mozambique from 1975 and 1986


Dr. Mário Machungo was distinguished at ISEG by the Alumni Association as Former Student of the Year in 2018, in recognition of the excellence of his career. Eduardo Catroga says of his colleague, Mário Machungo: “As an alumnus of the 1960s, he generated friendships for life at our School and was awarded the career prize for the area of Political and Social Economics.”


On behalf of ISEG, I extend my condolences to Dr. Mário Machungo’s family. Today ISEG also suffers an important loss.
On a personal note, as the daughter of a classmate of Dr. Mário Machungo, I would like to call attention to all the professional and human qualities which his colleagues and friends always recognised. I remember with respect his warm approach when we met here at ISEG in 2018 and the emotional way that he embraced his colleagues.


The funeral mass will take place on the 18th of February, at 15.00, in the Cathedral of the Igreja Lusitana – Parish of St. Paulo (Rua das Janelas Verdes, 32, 1200-691 Lisboa).



The memorial service will take place on Wednesday, 19th of February, at 11.00.

The Dean of ISEG, Professor Clara Raposo, PhD