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Message from the President of ISEG – INFORMATION regarding Suspension of Classes and Other Activities

Dear Students, Professors and Professional Staff Members,


Thankfully, so far, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the University of Lisbon, which is good news.


However, after hearing many opinions, the Rector of the University of Lisbon has taken the precautionary measure of suspending classes and other activities that require the physical presence of our students in the campus. The objective is to reduce exposure of our community and also to contribute to containing the spread of the virus for the population in general.


For this reason, classes are suspended from Tuesday March 10th until March 27th. This applies to all undergraduate, masters and PhD classes at ISEG. There are also many services that will be closed, such as the libraries, study areas, canteens, and sports facilities. For more details, please read the message from the Rector, which I copy below. Under the circumstances, students please avoid coming to school and stay home safely.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will send all students and faculty more information about alternative methods of teaching and learning for the near future. Please check your email regularly. We are doing the best we can, under the circumstances, to try to minimize stress and disruption in the lives of our students.


We ask our professional staff members to come to work on Tuesday March 10th so that we design a plan regarding the functioning of our services for the rest of the month.


As always, I ask you all for your best behavior and attitude – which means being calm, being understanding, following the health authority rules, and trying to stay healthy. ISEG students and overall community are well known for exemplary behavior. We are being tested in tough times – but we should remain strong and confident, and contribute to better times that must come.


My warmest regards,

Clara Raposo


Message from the Rector of the University of Lisbon:


To the ULisboa community,


Considering the evolution of COVID-19, with the agreement of the Deans and Directors of the Schools of Universidade de Lisboa during the meeting of the University Coordination Board, it has been decided to implement a series of measures designed to contain the spread of the virus which will remain in force until the 27th of March.


Accordingly, all Schools will suspend all classroom-based activities, and replace them with other teaching methods whenever possible, which will be based on distance-learning and remote monitoring.


All libraries, study areas, and student canteens run by the Social Action Services will also be closed.


All sports and physical activities which take place at the University Stadium and Schools will be suspended or undertaken with restrictions, especially those which take place in closed spaces.


Those students who live in ULisboa student halls of residence who do not need to physically attend activities at their respective Schools are advised to return to their habitual homes. These halls of residence will remain open only to provide essential services for exceptional cases. 


Group activities which take place in the museums of Universidade de Lisboa and in its botanical gardens will also be cancelled. However, these will remain open to the public, but only for individual visitors.


Remote tele-work is encouraged whenever possible, to ensure the functioning of the University.


In order to protect the University’s community, all travel for study or work trips is also cancelled with immediate effect.


Self-quarantine must be observed by all those who are suspected cases, including those who return from areas of risk.


We are aware of the impact that these measures which have been decided upon will have on the whole community of Universidade de Lisboa, however, given the exceptional circumstances that we are currently experiencing, we consider that this is the best decision to take.


These measures will be adjusted according to necessity and the ongoing evolution of the situation.


Universidade de Lisboa, 9th of March, 2020

The Rector

António Serra