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Awards and Distinctions

Four ISEG PhD students are awarded PhD Research Grants from the Foundation for Science and Technology

The PhD in Development Studies (PDED) is to be congratulated!

Four ISEG PhD students have been awarded PhD Research Grants from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

The four PhD research studies which were considered of strategic interest for Science in Portugal are the following:
– Ana Luísa Silva, supervised by Prof. Luís Mah PhD (CESA/ISEG), will continue her ongoing research on innovation in international development cooperation.
– Gianluca Ferrittu, supervised by Prof. Nuno Sobreira PhD (CEMAPRE-ISEG) and Prof. Pedro Goulart PhD (ISCSP), will research the prevalence and determinants of child labour in Europe.
– Mafalda Pereira, supervised by Prof Olivia Bina PhD (ICS), will explore how “nature” is conceptualised in the context of so-called “nature-based cities” – interventions which seek to re-naturalise urban spaces.
– Antonio Gori, supervised by Prof. Marco Allegra PhD (ICS), proposes to develop a comparative case study on the problem of the housing crisis and its relationship with social rights movements in the cities of Lisbon, Barcelona, and Rome.

PDED was founded in 2009 and was certified by the A3ES National Agency in 2015. Since 2017/18, it has become an inter-university programme which brings together ISEG (Lisbon School of Economics and Management), ICS (The School of Social Sciences), IGOT (the School of Geography and Land Planning), and ISA (The School of Agriculture) of Universidade de Lisboa. In the case of ISEG, over the years most of the PDED PhD students have carried out their research at the Centre for Research in Africa and Development Studies (CEsA).