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Information regarding COVID-19 prevention measures during face-to-face exams at ISEG

The carrying out of face-to-face examinations will be conducted in accordance with the COVID-19 preventive measures currently in force at ISEG. Exam rooms will have their capacity adjusted to the reality of COVID-19 and the airing and cleaning procedures will be maintained, or even reinforced.

The general rules to be followed are as follows:

·        The obligatory use of a mask throughout the ISEG facilities by all members of the academic community and users;

·        Obligatory hand disinfection at the entrance of all buildings;

·        Compliance with the DGS recommendations regarding the disinfection and washing of hands with a sanitising solution;

·        Compliance with the social distancing rules in all ISEG spaces;

·        The maintenance of the Procedures stipulated in the Contingency Plan of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management for the prevention and transmission of human infection by Coronavirus (COVID-19), with especial focus on the issues regarding the cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting of spaces and the functioning of the isolation room and the procedures to be followed in the case of a suspected case;

·        On entering an exam room at ISEG, all those places where it is prohibited to sit will be duly identified to ensure social distancing.

For those who are students, it is important to mention that when you go to ISEG to sit an exam, it is important to pay attention to the rules which are published on the ISEG webpage and also to the warnings and indications posted throughout the facilities, the most important of which are:

·        The obligatory use of a mask throughout ISEG facilities;

·        Obligatory hand disinfection at the entrance of all buildings;

·        Compliance with the rules of social distance;

·        Compliance with respiratory etiquette rules;

·        Staying inside the buildings for no longer than strictly necessary;

·        Respect for social distancing when entering or exiting an exam room;

·        You should head for the exam room only a few minutes before the exam is due to start and should enter it straight away, in order to minimise the time spent in the corridors.

·        Compliance with the rules governing those places where it is prohibited to sit;

·        After taking your seat in the exam room, it is prohibited to change place.

For faculty, it is important to bear in mind:

·        If the exam is held in more than one room, then as far as possible, you should inform students about which room to go to. To this end, it is advisable to use AQUILA to allocate students to exam rooms and to communicate this information to students in advance;

·        You should avoid taking the attendance roll at the entrance to the room, in order to avoid unnecessary groupings of people. The attendance roll should be taken when the student is already seated in the exam room;

·        Regarding the quarantine period for exam papers prior to their distribution to students, according to the DGS, the handling of paper represents a very low risk. It is also important to mention that these papers will be handled by a very limited number of people at least 24 hours before they are distributed to the students. Accordingly, as far as possible, we recommend that the photocopying and stapling of exam papers should be completed at least 48 hours before the exam is held;

·        When it comes to collecting the exams papers, although it has been said that the handling of paper represents a very low risk, if possible, we advise faculty to place the exam papers in quarantine during 48h before handling them.

Should you need of any further clarification, please contact the Finance and Administration Office (