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Information regarding Re-sit Exams

Dear Students,

  1. Those concerned: the Re-sit Exam Period (RP) starts next Monday, with grade-improvement not being permitted.
  2. Functioning of RP exams: the RP exams will be sat online, via Teams. Students will be sent a dedicated Teams link on the day of the exam for each CU.
  3. Information for students regarding the rules for the functioning of RP exams: the CU Coordinators are likely to post rules for the functioning of the exams. Accordingly, I ask you to consult the respective CU pages (Aquila/Teams) prior to sitting the exams.
  4. Telephone Helpline during exams: should any doubt or problem of any kind arise during each exam, students should contact the member(s) of faculty of the Course Unit in question, using the respective email address provided, or via the “chat” of the platform used to carry out the exam (if applicable), or by using the dedicated telephone number provided by faculty. Should it be impossible to establish direct contact with the member(s) of faculty during the exam, the student should report the incident to the dedicated Exam Helpline: 213 925 855.

Ana Isabel Morais

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management
Universidade de Lisboa